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Máy đo điện trở kíp (chống nổ dùng trong hầm mỏ) Agiltd 1681A (Explosive and Detonator Resistance Tester 1681A)

Mã SP: 1681A

Trạng thái: Còn hàng

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Điểm nổi bật

Máy đo điện trở kíp (chống nổ dùng trong hầm mỏ) Agiltd 1681A (Explosive and Detonator Resistance Tester 1681A)

   Điện thoại đặt hàng: 04-6687-1848/0982-055-781

Máy đo điện trở kíp (chống nổ dùng trong hầm mỏ) Agiltd 1681A (Explosive and Detonator Resistance Tester 1681A)

Hãng sản xuất: Agiltd
Model: 1681A
Xuất xứ: Anh
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

o Compact, light and robust
o Low maintenance
o Easy to operate
o Digital display
o Highly reliable
o Long battery life


Model Ref: 1681A
Tester Body: Precision sand-cast aluminium alloy case with integral battery compartment.
Tester Weight: 2kg Excluding carrying case.
Tester Casing: Precision sand-cast aluminium case with integral battery compartment. Magnesium content less than 1%.
Tester Dimensions: 190 x 70mm (Front Panel).
Depth: 200mm excluding controls. 220mm including range switch.
Finish: Golden Yellow Semi Gloss Enamel BS381C Tint 356 stoved to DEF 1059.
Display: 3.5 digit LCD incorporating a battery condition annunciator. Character height; 12.7mm High Rel grade display with wide temperature range fluid.
- 000.0 to 199.9m (resolution = 0.1m )*
- 0.000 to 1.999 (resolution = 0.001 )
- 00.00 to 19.99 (resolution = 0.01 )
- 000.0 to 199.9 (resolution = 0.1 )
- 0.000 to 1.999k (resolution = 1.0 )
- 00.00 to 19.99k (resolution = 10 )
Measurement Accuracy:
- 0 to 200 ±1% of reading; ±1 digit
- 0 to 2k ±1.5% of reading; ±1 digit
- 0 to 20k ±2% of reading; ±3 digit
Zero Adjustment: Range covered 0 to 50m
Response Time: 3 seconds
Warm-up Time: Instantaneous
Measurement Frequency: 10Hz
Voltage Across Sample: 1mV at FSD
Max Test Voltage: 1V peak with Test Leads open circuit
Applied Test Currents:
- 3.5mA rms on 000.0 to 199.9m range.
- 350µA rms on 0.000 to 1.999 range.
- 35µA rms on 00.00 to 19.99 range.
- 3.5µA rms on 000.0 to 199.9 range.
- 0.35µA rms on 0.000 to 1.999k range
- 0.035µA rms on 00.00 to 19.99k range
DPM Back-Lighting: L.E.D. (4 off), Red Operated by momentary action switch.
Power Requirement: Four AA size batteries, Manganese Alkaline, Duracell MN1500
Battery Life: 1 Year, non operational, 56 hours continuous at 20°C
Battery Protection: Series diode protects equipment against inadvertent attempts to fit the batteries incorrectly.
Battery State Check: Low battery condition annunciator incorporated in the LCD display indicates when approximately 90% of battery life is consumed.
Reliability: MTBF > 4000 hours (calculated), Source ref; MIL HDBK 217E Ground Mobile, Part stress analysis.
Test Leads Standard 1 metre cable (optional).
Calibration Period: 12 Months.
Operating Temp Range: -20˚C to +40˚C for intrinsic safety.
Storage Temp Range: -40˚C to +60˚C.
Desiccant: Sachet type with indicator. NSN 6850-99-341-5048. Replaced at calibration intervals.

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