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Máy dò đường ống SR20-Trotec(Germany)

Mã SP: SR20

Trạng thái: Còn hàng

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Điểm nổi bật

Máy dò đường ống SR20-Trotec(Germany)

   Điện thoại đặt hàng: 04-6687-1848/0982-055-781

Máy dò đường ống SR20-Trotec(Germany)

Xuất xứ: Đức
Hãng sản xuất: Trotec

Thông số kỹ thuật:

  • Chế độ hoạt động: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz 
  • Chế độ thụ động: Current: 50/60 Hz, Radio: 4-15 kHz và 15-36 kHz 
  • Chế độ thăm dò: 16 Hz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz, 16 kHz, 33 kHz 
  • tất cả các chế độ: tần số người dùng tự điều chỉnh có thể lựa chọn lên đến 35 kHz 

Reliable, rapid piping localisation, easy to operate professional system, compact and light, advanced 3D antennae technology, cartographic real-time information display, all values displayed at a glance.

Thanks to the extremely low weight and effective power management, even longer measurement operations can be carried out effectively without fatigue and in one session.
The high processor performance of the system combined with advanced antenna technology and the user-friendly cartographic information display enable the rapid, precise and reliable localisation of underground supply lines.
Innovative technology for effective measurement operations
The device’s 3D-antenna system enables both inductive and passive localisation of pipes and cables from any position and direction, independent of the user’s location.
Simple to operate, simple to learn…
You can check at any time whether or not you are still located over the target line by means of the continual display of depth and current and the selectable acoustic ­distance signal.
The search result can be reliably verified via the easily understandable cartographic display which shows direction arrows, signal strength and proximity signal.
With the SR-20, you can carry out the most difficult localisations and mark supply lines reliably; even branch lines from other directions – and even lines whose existence was previously completely unknown to you!
Standard equipment SR-20:
SR-20 detector, markers and mast holders, batteries, operating manual
Optional equipment:
Additional probe markers, ST-33Q trans­mitter, ST-510 trans­mitter, ST-305 transmitter, induction clamp, separate transmitter, floating transmitter

Technical data: Localisation frequencies

  • Active mode: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz
  • Passive mode: Current: 50/60 Hz, Radio: 4 - 15 kHz and 15 - 36 kHz
  • Probe mode: 16 Hz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz, 16 kHz, 33 kHz
  • all modes: individually selectable user-defined frequencies up to 35 kHz
  • Power supply: Four alkaline batteries or NiCad rechargeable batteries (type C)
  • Operating time: approx. 12 to 24 hours, depending on usage
  • Weight without batteries / with batteries: 1,500 g / 1,800 g
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 284 x 1,300 x 790 mm
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  • Lê Chương
0982 055 781
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