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Thiết bị thử cao áp AHP-DG-5/100

Mã SP: AHP-DG-5/100

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Thiết bị thử cao áp AHP-DG-5/100

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Thiết bị thử cao áp AHP-DG-5/100

AHP-DG-5/100 are designed and produced for AC/DC withstand test while mobile application is required. AHP5/100 mobile AC/DC Voltage Withstand Test Sets are composed of control module and AC test transformer (HV tank) which output AC high voltage. However, DC current is obtained by AC rectification. Since the test transformer is gas(SF6 filled) type, therefore the test sets are much lighter than oil ones, therefore , greatly suit for any often mobilization, suc


are designed and produced for AC/DC withstand test 
much lighter than oil ones, suit for any often mobilization


AHPDG5/100 are designed and produced for AC/DC withstand test while mobile application is required. AHP5/100 mobile AC/DC Voltage Withstand Test Sets are composed of control module and AC test transformer (HV tank) which output AC high voltage. However, DC current is obtained by AC rectification.

Since the test transformer is gas(SF6 filled) type, therefore the test sets are much lighter than oil ones, therefore , greatly suit for any often mobilization, such as aerial lift platforms and trucks.

Product Features:

 Mobile style, test at once no any waiting while positioned; 

 Test transformer can be lifted by two persons, control module can be moved on one cart;

 Manual Operating Mode, gas-type transformer

 Duration for Withstand Test, Over Current Protection Setting in advance

 Live display of High Voltage(HV) and Low Current

 Over-current, zero and over- voltage protection, combined sound and light alarm.

 With SF6 gauge to detect gas low

 Service valve for gas filling and vacuum

Technical Specifications:

 Input voltage: AC220V  50Hz


 Accuracy: 1.5%

 Duration 30 minutes within rated capacity and voltage;

 Rated capacity: 5kVA

 Temperature rise of Test transformer surface, less than 50°C

 No-load current<4%

 Operating temperature:  -10°C~45°C                 

 RH:85% at 25°C,no dew

 Above Sea Level≤1000m

 Normal Sf6 Pressure: 0.4Mpa. Gas leakage:0.05 Mpa about four years. Gas fill required while its gas less that 0.3 Mpa

 Size & Weight

 ² For test transformer:215X265X510mm, 50Kg

 ² For control module: 380X310X240mm, 16Kg              

Order Information

Item                   Art. No.


 Test Transformer       1 piece

 Control Module        1 piece

 Micro-ammeter        1 piece

 Test leads             1 set


AHP-DG-5-50,5-100,10-150…,are normal models, if you need special model, we also can bea


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