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Máy tạo dòng điện 100A/E

Mã SP: 100A/E

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Máy tạo dòng điện 100A/E

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Máy tạo dòng điện 100A/E


  • Wide range of output currents
  • AC and DC voltage outputs
  • All outputs continuously variable
  • Output current metering from 40mA-200A
  • Automatic switch-off in all modes of operation
  • Multi-function timing system
  • Suitable for testing thermal devices
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Voltage and current outputs available simultaneously

T&R Test Equipment is a market leader in the field of current injection equipment.  The range includes  secondary injection units  with  100A  output  capability  up  to  6000A  primary injection  systems.   All  have  true  RMS  metering,  a  flexible iming system, and an easy to understand user interface. The  100A/E  Mk3  secondary  current  injection  test  set  has been  designed  to  give  the maintenance  and  commissioning engineer  a  large  number  of  facilities  in  one  self-contained instrument. The unit  is portable, compact and simple  to use.  The mains supply for the unit is either 240V±10% or 115V +10% -6% at either  50  or  60Hz.   Full  load  can  be  obtained  at  the  supply voltage extremes. The current and voltage outputs are independently controlled and metered.  The output current and voltage are displayed on  large,  clear  panel  instruments.  An  additional  four  range CT  is  provided,  extending  the  ammeter  range  down  to 0-100mA.

All of the outputs are fully isolated by means of double wound transformers. The  timing  system  on  the  100A/E  is  very  flexible,  without compromising ease of use.  Four modes of operation and two contact  inputs  are  provided  allowing  for  a  wide  range  of events  to be  timed.  Both contact  inputs automatically select for normally open or normally closed contacts.  Operation of the different timing modes is described below. Internal start mode starts  the  timer when  the  ‘on’ pushbutton is  pressed,  and  stops  the  timer  when  the  first  contact  set changes  state.   This mode is  ideally  suited  to  timing  over-current relays.

Single  contact mode  starts  and  stops  the  timer  on  the  first and second changes of state of the fist contact set, and dual contact mode  starts  the  timer  from  the  first  set  of  contacts and stops  it  from  the second set.  These modes allow  reset and  re-close  times  of  protective  devices  to  be  easily measured.

The final mode of operation of the timer starts the timer when the current exceeds 20% of the selected metering range, and stops  it when  the  current  falls  below  20%.  This  allows  the timing  of  trips  with  no  auxiliary  contacts  such  as miniature circuit breakers.

Automatic control has been provided such that all outputs can be  switched  off  once  the  device  under  test  has  operated.  The automatic control can be switched  in or out of circuit  for all outputs, enabling setting up procedures to be carried out.  The  instrument  is  housed  in  a  robust  case  complete with  a protective cover and fold away carrying handles.

100A/E Mk3 Specification

Current Output

The  current  output  on  the  unit  has  eight  ranges,  allowing  the selection of output voltages up to 150V and output currents up to 200A.  The current outputs may also be used as voltage outputs.

Range             Continuous      5 minutes        1 minute         VAC

200A                50A                    100A              200A                  0-5V

50A                  25A                    50A                 -                         0-10V

25A                  12.5A                 25A                 -                         0-20V   

10A                  5.0A                   10A                 -                         0-50V

5.0A                 2.5A                   5.0A                -                         0-50V

2.5A                 1.25A                 2.5A                -                         0-50V

1.0A                 0.5A                   1.0A                -                         0-150V

The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes, and are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.

Voltage Output

The  voltage  output  on  the  unit  has  three  ranges,  allowing  the selection of output voltages up to 500Vac and 250Vdc.  

Voltage          Output current

Range             Continuous      5 minutes         

0-250Vac       0.5A                   1.0A                             

0-500Vac       0.25A                 0.5A                                          

0-250Vdc       0.5A                   1.0A                                          

The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes, and are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.


The  output  is metered  by an  analogue  true  RMS  system  with separate instruments for current and voltage. AC  current  is metered by a dual  scaled ammeter  reading 0-1Aand 0-5A. 

The following scaling factors are used: 

Range              1A Scale          5A Scale        Accuracy

0.1A                 x0.1                  x0.02               Class 1.5

0.25A               x0.25                x0.05               Class 1.5

0.5A                 x0.5                  x0.1                 Class 1.5

1.0A                 x1                     x0.2                 Class 1.5

2.5A                 x2.5                  x0.5                 Class 1.5

5.0A                 x5                     x1                    Class 1.5

10A                  x10                   x2                    Class 1.5

25A                  x25                   x5                    Class 1.5

50A                  x50                   x10                  Class 1.5

100A                x100                 x20                  Class 1.5

200A                x200                 x40                  Class 1.5

AC voltage is metered by a dual scaled ammeter reading 0-300V and 0-600V.  The following scaling factors are used: 

Range              300V Scale      600V Scale    Accuracy

300V                x1                     x0.5                 Class 1.5

600V                x2                     x1                    Class 1.5

Timing System

Range             0-999.999s

Resolution       1ms

Accuracy         ±0.1% rdg ±2d (all modes except current op.)

Accuracy         ±0.1% rdg ±3d (current operated mode)

The  contact  circuit has an open  circuit  voltage of 24Vdc and a short  circuit  current  of 100mA.   Each  contact  circuit  will  auto-select  for  normally  open  or  normally  closed  contacts.   A  DC voltage  of  24-240Vdc may  also  be  used  to  trigger  either  timer channel.

The following functions are provided:

Mode                             Timer Start                  Timer Stop

Internal start                 Press ‘ON’                    Contact 1

Single contact              Contact 1                      Contact 1

Dual contact                 Contact 1                      Contact 2

Current operated        Current > 20%            Current < 20%

                                      of range                        of range

The output may be automatically switched off at  the end of  the test to safeguard the relay under test.  This is selectable for both the voltage and current output.

Protection and Safety

The unit is protected by the following fuses:

Input supply                 T5A 240V supply

                                      T10A 115V supply

Output supplies           T3.15A

Contacts                        F0.25A

Aux CT circuit               T315mA and T1.25A                           

An earth terminal is provided for connection to a local earth.

Supply Requirements       

115V+10%-6% 50/60Hz 1ph 1450VA max

240V±10% 50/60Hz 1ph 1450VA max

Temperature Range           

Storage            -20°C to 60°C

Operating            0°C to 45°C

Dimensions                                      Weight

490mm x 300mm x 300mm               33kg                 


Operating manual

2m mains lead

Non-latching contact lead

Spare fuse set

Optional Accessories

100AFS Filter unit

100AFS-PH Filter unit

100AL lead set

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