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Máy tạo dòng điện PCU1-SP


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Máy tạo dòng điện PCU1-SP

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Máy tạo dòng điện PCU1-SP

PCU1-SP Specification 

Loading Unit Current Metering

The AC output current is metered by a true RMS memory ammeter (acquisition time 200ms) with a liquid crystal display. The current metering has 3 ranges corresponding to 10%, 50% and 100% of the maximum rating of the loading unit. In addition, a 200% metering range is enabled in pulse mode.

NLU2000 Range Full Scale Resolution Accuracy
  10% 200.0A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  50% 1000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  100% 2000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  200% 4000A 1A ±1%rdg+5d*2


NLU5000 Range Full Scale Resolution Accuracy
  10% 500.0A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  50% 2500A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  100% 5000A 1A ±0.5%rdg+5d*1
  200% 10kA 0.01kA ±1%rdg+5d*2

*11.5% rdg+5d in pulse mode *2selected in pulse mode

Timing System

The PCU1 systems have a flexible timing system with two contact inputs and 5 operating modes. Each contact circuit automatically selects for N/O or N/C contacts, and the status of each contact input is shown by an LED. The timing channels may also be triggered by a dc voltage between 24 and 240V.

Timer resolution 1ms
Timer full scale: 999.999s
Timer accuracy ±0.01%rdg+2d (4d current mode)
Contact O/C voltage 24V
Contact S/C current 20mA
Vdc input range 24-240Vdc

Timer modes

Timer mode Timer start Timer stop
Internal Start ‘On’ button Contact
Single contact Contact 1 Contact 1
Dual contact Contact 1 Contact 2
Current operated *3 Current >20% range Current <20% range
Pulse mode 0.2s*4 ‘On button’ 0.2s
Pulse mode 0.5s *4 ‘On button’ 0.5s
Pulse mode 1s *4 ‘On button’ 1s
Pulse mode 2s *4 ‘On button’ 2s
Off Setting position  

*3 Current operated mode is used to time circuit breakers with no auxiliary contacts. The timer is started when the current exceeds 20% of the selected metering range (e.g. 100A on the NLU5000 500A range). The timer stops when the current falls below this threshold.

*4 Pulse mode applies current to the load for a maximum of the specified time. If contact set 1 changes state or the current drops below 20% of the metering range during the pulse time, the timer is stopped. The maximum output current is increased in pulse mode. The maximum obtainable current is set by the impedance of the test object and output leads.

Secondary Injection Output (PCU1-SP only)

The secondary current injection output on thePCU1-SP has two taps allowing the injection of currents up to 100A.

Secondary current
output ratings
Output Range


current 5 min*5
Interminttent current 1 min*5
  0-5V 33A 67A 100A
  0-16V 10A 20A 30A

*5All on times must be followed by an off time of 15 minutes


Metering Range


Accuracy Current trip
current 10.00A 0.01A ±0.5%rdg+5d 10.5A
metering 20.00A 0.01A ±0.5%rdg+5d 21A
ranges 100.0A 0.1A ±0.5%rdg+5d 100A

The output is protected by electronic trips and a circuit breaker.

Supply Requirements




11.5kVA max (23kVA overload for 2s)

Control Unit Standard Accessories

The following accessories are supplied with the PCU1-SP as standard:
Mains lead (5m), loading unit power and metering leads (5m), operating manual and spare fuses.

Dimensions and Weight

Unit W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) Weight(kg)
PCU1-SP 450 275 305 26


450 275 305 23
NLU5000 450 275 370 including terminals 55




370 including terminals 50

Temperature Range: Storage -20°C to 60°C, Operating 0°C to 45°C

Protection and Safety

The PCU1 series and loading units are CE marked and are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN61010. The system is protected by electronic trips on the outputs, circuit breakers on the mains input, control unit output and secondary injection output (PCU1-SP only). The unit also has a duty cycle trip on the loading unit output and the loading unit has comprehensive thermal protection.

Optional Loading Unit Specifications

Two loading units are available to provide a range of output currents suitable for different primary injection tasks. Each loading unit has three output taps allowing current injection into a wide range of loads of differing impedances. Optional output lead sets are also available.


Output Voltage*6 Maximum current
  Continuous 5 minutes * 1 minute 40 seconds


1500A 3000A 4500A 5000A
4.6V 750A 1500A 2250A 2500A




1125A 1250A


Output Voltage*6 Maximum current
  Continuous 5 minutes * 1 minute 40 seconds


600A 1200A 1800A 2000A
6.9V 300A 600A 900A 1200A




450A 500A

*6Open circuit voltage at rated mains voltage

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